Saturday, May 5, 2012

Picture Post

So, here are finally some pictures of the last few days!    Tuesday morning we left bright and early for the hospital.

Unfortunately, things did not progress as desired, and, as in the case when Vivian was born 3 years ago, we decided the best option was to go with a c-section.  Also like Vivi's case, the cord was wrapped around Nathaniel's neck, so we are thankful all went well. 

I was well-drugged, so I needed them to repeat the fact that our new baby was indeed a BOY!!  =)
So happy to meet our sweet Nathaniel!

10 minutes old

Daddy and Son

Glad to finally have a proper snuggle with my boy

The girls were able to come with my Mom the night he was born, but at that point, he was still in the nursery under the heat lamp.  Cuddles with the new baby had to wait until the next day

In the nursery

Finally, around noon on Wednesday they were allowed to come in for a short visit.
We decided to hold off on a picture with Alisa and Nathaniel - she thinks he is quite a delightful doll, and doesn't understand why no one lets her too close!!  =)




Our sweet children!

The 8 of us!!

A "complimentry" meal for Tim and I our last night there.

Just about to leave the hospital on Thursday

Arriving home

We received lots of fun surprises - confetti!!

They sure enjoyed that one!  =)
There were special signs, flowers, balloons and notes all over the house.  On our way upstairs:

Our room:

Over the school table:

A monkey in our bathroom!!  =)

Marika made this note for us - "If you can't get out of bed, we can:"

"Room Service"

My favourite part: "Leave tip beside the bed!" =)

Marika was pretty disgusted with me the first day when I came down stairs after I'd taken a nap.  She informed me that I was to have stayed upstairs for 3 days!!  I informed her I would go quite crazy if I had to stay there that long, and it was better for all of us (and good exercise for me) if I made a few trips up and down the stairs a day!  =)  The next morning, we were served breakfast at our "hotel" - yummy egg, bacon and cheese on English muffins!!

While I normally wouldn't be out and about so quickly, yesterday morning Tim, Nathaniel, a couple of the girls and I went out to get Nathaniel's birth certificate.  It requires both parents there, but is a bit of a walk, and then a loooong climb up stairs.  I was pretty tired at the end.  Then we got his passport and Canadian citizenship pictures done so we can get his passport in time to head to Tim's brother Andrew and Bethany's wedding next month.

Just before lunch, Papa was feeling the need for more than hearing voices and seeing pictures, and we got a little Skype session in so he could "meet" Nathaniel.

Showing him off!

Last night we decided to have some fun and have a real tea party.  The girls were a little disappointed about how we incorporated supper into it at the same time, but their special "tea cups", the hot chocolate "tea" they were served, as well as finding out that this is real tea over in the UK, helped a little!!  =)


DAD Sharp said...

Thanks again for all the sweet pictures. It's really awfully hard for a Papa to be so far away. I have several symptoms that something is not right. Lonely, listless, kind of melancholy - several strains of stuff like that. And those pictures are such a boost! Lots of Love,

Anonymous said...

So wonderful to see you all :) Good thing it's not facebook or I would have to like all the cute pictures!
Now back to bed Mrs. W!
Lots of Love, J & M

Mom W. said...

What fun... go Nana and girlers!! Wish I could be there to share in all the fun.

Can't wait to see you ALL!!!

Anonymous said...

Mari made me laugh, as I was looking for the "like" button on all the pics! THANKS for the photo update... still missing a couple you promised to email me though!
Glad you're being spoiled and what a sweet little boy you have! Love to you all, Liz and co.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the photos and the updates.

In Christ,