Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Welcoming...Nathaniel Scott!!!

 Last evening, May 1, we welcomed a sweet, chubby-faced little boy into our family!! Nathaniel Scott Woodford Sharp was born at 550pm by c-section, weighing 9 lbs 6 oz, and is 22 inches long. His big sisters, as well as his daddy and mommy, are very thankful for his safe arrival, and are still having a hard time saying "he" and "his", rather than "she" and "her"! Vivian calls him her little 'buzzer'!!! =) Both he and I are doing well, and we're looking forward to going home tomorrow afternoon, Lord willing!
10 minutes old - and a quick snuggle with Mommy

So very happy!

Nathaniel Scott

Sweet baby in blue! =)
 More pictures to come soon!!


Nana said...

He really is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Very adorable -love the round cheeks! He looks so cuddly -sure there will be no shortage of that :)
Love, Los Afilados

Anonymous said...

What a sweet looking boy! He is really adorable!!
Congrats again Tim and Steph:)
God bless you all!
-Shay Kember

Anonymous said...

Welcome Nathaniel Scott - he is adorable and looks like he will be walking and talking soon... :)

love your great aunt Jil

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you and your family. He is a handsome little one. May the Lord bless you all!! -Neil & Julie Clark

DAD Sharp said...

I am feeling very VERY far away right now but so thankful for the pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

Maggie said...

He's beautiful, Stephanie! Those cheeks! Thanks for posting pictures. So glad he's here safely, hope you're both home soon.

Janice Tremblay said...

I am soo very happy for you both! He is absolutely gorgeous! May God protect him from all his (sisters) mothers in training! :) They will all have so much fun!

Joia said...

I'm SO in love with him already!!! Can't Wait to hold his sweet little self! He is soo handsome! Love seeing some blue in your arms. =)

Jonathan and Denise said...

Yeah! He is here! I've been checking and checking! His weight/length are exactly the same as my Kade. He is beautiful and we are so glad he is here and that you are both doing well. Looking forward to lots more pictures!